Lead Creative/Copywriter


As Lead Creative/Copywriter, you will be an integral part of MESH, leading our messaging and content development efforts.

You will be responsible for writing for a variety of client accounts, participating in and often leading brainstorming sessions, working with Brand Managers to develop accurate quotes and timelines for projects, writing rationales in support of your work, reviewing and editing the work of other copywriters and staying up to date on copywriting trends, principles, tools and techniques in order to provide the best work for our clients.

You will collaborate with clients and MESH teams to bring their voices, stories, and concepts to life. In this role, you’ll work in a multidisciplinary team and lead all aspects of the copywriting process from the brand essence and tagline to content outlines and ad headlines in order to communicate the overall concept to the client. You’ll routinely work on a diverse portfolio of projects. You should be adept at blending the brand narrative and marketing strategy to tell powerful stories that guide the reader toward a desired objective.

As Lead Creative/Copywriter, you are responsible for the advancement of the discipline within the agency. In addition, you are trusted to review the work of other copywriters at MESH as well as teaching, mentoring and developing them as writers.



  • You will routinely write for a variety of mediums including web, video, print and digital collateral, branding, advertising, packaging, social media and websites.
  • Develop a brand’s manifesto through a brand essence that will guide all future creative.
  • Define the brand’s language, voice and tone in their brand guidelines.
  • Work with designers to create rich, textured ads that showcase the creative concept.
  • Learn about and stay up to date on writing trends, principles and techniques.
  • Utilize principles of user experience design and storytelling to create educated and rational copywriting decisions.
  • Be able to defend your copy decisions with a user-first rationale.
  • Learn and understand the principles of user focused copywriting.


  • Research and understand the client’s industry, competition, history, goals and objectives and make thoughtful copywriting decisions relevant to that information.
  • Contribute to marketing strategies from a copywriting and content perspective.


  • Participate in and sometimes lead brainstorming sessions with other team members in order to quickly determine strategy and direction for a client.
  • Offer input and guidance to co-workers in a constructive, encouraging way.
  • Teach and mentor co-workers.
  • Create a positive environment for all team members to thrive.


Preferred Qualifications




Baton Rouge