Building Materials


Let's Build Your Brand, Together.

MESH handles the full spectrum of the Building Materials business. We bring together online and offline experiences to enhance brand visibility, launch products, and connect consumers, contractors and architects, developers, dealers and retailers in the most effective strategic funnel.


The Right Look and Feel Will Make Your Building Materials Matter

If you want to stand out in the minds of consumer and trade audiences, your brand design is a critical component. MESH works with brands to engage customers and offer the unexpected. From brand architecture, to messaging, to logo, to packaging, to the design in your advertising, we’ve seen intentional, talented design take brands to another level, and we’ve seen those businesses grow as a result.


When Competition Stacks Up, Rise Above

Through compelling strategy, content, clever creative and a knack for storytelling, we get to the heart of what your brand means to your customers. The business of Building Materials is all about quality and details, so we make sure that every service we offer highlights the shapes, colors, textures—the best parts of your products and services.

In our experience with Building Materials, we’ve done everything from developing entire brands, their product naming and multiple divisions to internal marketing; including training programs, employee communications and recruitment marketing in both niche and broad markets.

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Strong Materials Call for Strategy that Measures Up

For over 16 years MESH has worked for one of the largest building materials companies in the world, so there’s no question we know what it takes to win in this category. In case you need proof, our involvement with that company grew one of their consumer brands from $10 million to $1 billion in just 10 years.

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Belgard Hardscapes