Advertising Strategy: Adapt and Keep Current or Flounder

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Technology is shifting the advertising landscape, pushing marketers and consumers to reimagine how and where they connect with brands. Every year, your advertising strategy should be closely evaluated and evolve with the shift in the technology landscape. As a result, it’s imperative that businesses of all sizes and industries keep current on the latest trends because leveraging them can set you apart from your competitors and positively impact your bottom line.

How can you familiarize yourself with the constant evolution of ad tech? You can dedicate a role(s) to keeping current on the latest trends, solutions and processes in order to decipher what is right for your business and more importantly, your budget.  You can also find the right partner to own this for you.

At MESH, we’re constantly keeping a pulse on shifts in ad tech--especially the fast-changing digital space. In fact, this year, we’re seeing three key types of advertising technology impacting our strategic advertising recommendations for clients:

These examples are just a few among the many digital solutions available to all businesses. No matter if you are a small local shop or a Fortune 500 business, you should be open to incorporating the latest technology innovations into your marketing plans that are specific to your industry.

So, are you keeping current?  Do you have time to read the 1000s of articles on the latest advertising technology? The right partner can help keep you current and ultimately support your ad strategy in growing your bottom line.

Laurie Pierce
Director of Media