What's discovery?
Where are we going?

Pre-Discovery Questionnaire

Not Your Average Meeting

So your Brand Manager has scheduled you for a meeting called “Discovery” right? Sounds fun, doesn’t it? That’s because it is! It’s all the excitement of discovery without any passports or cursed temples.

Spill It All

In Discovery sessions you get to tell us about everything that makes you unique. From the obvious to the unexpected, we want to know everything there is to know about your brand–and then some.

Our People Meet Your People

The MESHites present in the meeting will be the MESHites who will work on your brand or project throughout its entire cycle; meaning you’ll get to know (and hopefully love) the friendly faces who will work on your account from the start of the project up until the end.

Full of Fun Stuff

Together, we’ll go through a series of questions and activities designed to extract all the raw benefits you offer and even come up with a few ideas of our own for how we can do more with your brand.

Trust the Process

Your time is valuable. We respect that. That’s why every minute you spend in the room with us is important for getting all the details right. It’s key to creating a better process and ultimately a more successful project.