Make Outside Your Kind of Beautiful


Belgard Hardscapes

The Challenge

A visual campaign for personalizing outdoor living.

In 2015, Belgard sought to refine the brand to be both aspirational and inspirational. This included defining a look and feel that will synonymize Belgard with outdoor living, not just a beautiful, timeless, durable product. In addition it wanted to grow the category and market share. It defined success as shifting the following:

  • Hardscapes Outdoor Living
  • A super-premium product for wealthy and large-scale spaces—the aspirational/inspirational brand for any outdoor living product, big or small
  • Among the top in an unbranded category—the brand leading the category
  • A finished backyard as nice to have—outdoor living as essential to a complete home
  • Professionals as a channel—professionals as active participants throughout the process
  • Residential and commercial as two separate sectors  leveraging the symbiotic relationship between commercial and residential spaces
Belgard Hardscapes

The Solution

Key Insights to Guide Creative

Belgard partnered with a research firm to determine the following:

  • What defines outdoor living space and the category
  • Who Belgard’s most valuable homeowner segments are
  • Why and how Belgard can best align these segments – today and beyond

Primary research included 15-minute Internet surveys to approx. 30,000 participants who were generated from Belgard’s Idea Book distribution list as well as magazine leads from Salesforce.com. The final sample size included 761 respondents who were qualified by screener questions. A cluster analysis was applied across 41 dimensions, comprising of both category attitudes and needs.  

Research revealed key insights into what mattered most to consumers when envisioning their outdoor spaces. From data gathered, MESH worked with Belgard to define the brand’s “why,” which would serve as the guiding force of campaign messaging. 

Research also revealed five audience segments – 3 of which were determined to be target segments based on findings that they could be greatest value to Belgard’s portfolio and could help accelerate growth for the next 3-5 years. These audiences were designated Social Signifiers, Sit Back and Enjoy and Mr./Mrs. Quiet Pride. Based on consumer insights, each audience had specific drivers and barriers. With the understanding that we had the opportunity to uniquely speak to each specific market segment, we developed a creative strategy that allowed for nuanced creative that would resonate with the varying 3 target audiences.

Deliverables included print ads, newspaper wraps, a :30 and :60 second consumer video, a 2:00 product-oriented video, digital ads and campaign-centric social media content creation.

Belgard Hardscapes

The Results

20% Increase

Belgard saw a 20% increase in idea book leads during the duration of the campaign.

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