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Community Bank of Louisiana

The Challenge

A campaign for one of the top 50 fastest growing community banks in America.

As part of our continuous partnership with CBLA we were tasked with creating and executing an extensive marketing and media strategy that included video, social and digital ads. The creative needed to re-energize the brand, resonate with our audience (adults ages 25-40) and convey the truly unique selling point of CBLA: big-bank services without big-bank bureaucracy.

Community Bank of Louisiana

The Solution

Targeted Media and Messaging Across All Platforms

As the client sought to target a younger demographic that would turn into loyal and long-term customers, MESH put together a marketing plan informed by secondary research insights. These indicated that a combination of varied digital placements, coupled with a consistent e-marketing and direct marketing strategy and point-of-sale pieces were key in targeting our intended audience in three key areas – where they eat, where they play and where they live. From there, we crafted and tailored our messaging to speak to the most advantageous sub-segments within our audience, i.e., future homeowners, business owners, etc. This approach allowed us to create a messaging funnel that pulled potential and current clients into more loyal levels of engagement.

To ensure our messaging was reaching the right people and provoking desired actions – visiting the website, calling a local branch, enrolling in online banking, etc. – our media strategy utilized a variety of targeting and retargeting methods: site retargeting to market new offerings to those familiar with CBLA; search retargeting to market to those looking for a bank; and keyword contextual retargeting to market those looking for similar products and services.

Although this heritage brand was established over a century ago, it was on its way to becoming one of the top 50 fastest growing community banks in America. To reenergize this dated brand and help it stand out in an over-saturated market, every brand touch-point MESH created and placed worked to develop a confident, clever and authentic brand voice. The punchy copy and sleek visuals easily transcended across our multi-platform mix, from short, clever one-liners on billboards to satirical, relatable video scripts.

Community Bank of Louisiana

The Results

203% Increase

In 2016, the digital ad campaign included an average of 264,000 monthly impressions using both desktop and mobile banner ads on local and national websites yielding on average a 0.17% CTR. Combined with a strong traditional media campaign – which included network TV, broadcast radio and digital billboards ­– CBLA saw loans double in 2016 from 2015.

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