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Community Coffee

The Challenge

Steeped in Tradition. Refreshed with a New Digital Presence.

For most Louisiana natives, Community Coffee has a special place in their memory. It’s a brand that’s synonymous with moments of delight. From family gatherings at grandma’s house to breakthrough early mornings in the office, Community Coffee was there. See, Community is a heritage brand built on family values and shared across four generations–within the company and in the homes of locals too.

Because it is a legacy brand, Community’s primary audience has traditionally skewed older. In an effort to expand their consumer base without incurring the cost of expansion into brand new markets, the Community team began repositioning their brand to incorporate a sleek, modern feel that appealed to Millennials and Gen Z coffee drinkers.

Positioning the brand for the younger generations meant making a few significant changes. The navigation was unclear, the brand style guide was outdated, the brand narrative didn't lead to a strong call-to-action and backend systems for automated, personalized touch points based on consumer behavior were virtually non-existent. MESH was brought on board to help Community Coffee adapt their consumer-focused brand to the digital world.

Community Coffee

The Solution

Implementing a Web Design as Strong and Rich as the Brand

Starting with a blank slate, MESH mapped out the entry points, user-intentions, and key information for each page of communitycoffee.com. Utilizing consumer data, we worked alongside their internal team and their partners to create a digital style guide that could inform the design of each digital touch point from their website to their digital advertising. Understanding what the consumer was looking for when they interacted with Community Coffee's brand online helped us build an experience that guides the consumer through each step of the journey.

After crafting a site map and information architecture that would inform the site's user-flow, we were able to design the visual language that built an approachable, modern, scalable brand. We started by designing a library of UI modules and then built a series of page templates that Community Coffee's internal team could wire into their existing platform.

We knew we wanted to bring a classic, evergreen approach to the design, utilizing lighter neutral tones, a modular structure that could adapt easily to any screen size and a clear and user-friendly navigation. While fonts, colors and imagery were adapted to create a fresh take on an antiquated brand, elements of the brand including their classic badge logo remained intact to help ease the transition and remind consumers of Community Coffee's staying power in Southern homes.


Community Coffee

The Results

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