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The Challenge

Growing awareness and community for a classic clothing brand.

The esteemed New Orleans-based men’s clothier, famed for introducing the classic seersucker suit – recognized as the look of the southern gentleman for almost a century – undertook a major reboot of the venerable clothing line through a reintroduction of their signature creation, reinterpreted by two of today’s most in-demand men’s fashion designers. To supplement an aggressive public relations campaign, the company sought to bolster its social media presence in order to cultivate a relationship with the desired target demographic of upwardly mobile 25-40 year-old males – all within a minimal budget.


The Solution

Getting a Brand with a Storied History to Tell a Better Story

Understanding that the Haspel social media “brand voice” was one that, much like their new collection, should reflect the company’s storied history and tradition, yet also convey a decidedly youthful “of the moment” point of view indicative of their desired audience, MESH set out to develop a textual and visual style that would serve to translate the Haspel brand across the various social media channels employed, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. An integrated social media calendar, coordinated with concurrent public relations activity – press coverage in various industry and general publications, celebrity tie-ins, contests, etc. – would serve to bolster exposure and build a following of engaged consumers across multiple social media platforms.

We conducted primary research through one-on-one interviews with key personnel (executives, designers, stylists and boutiques) to learn more about the “Haspel man.” Furthermore, through secondary research, we analyzed 105 years of the brand’s existing data to better understand the brand’s rich heritage and determine how to position it as it revitalized its standing in the market.

As a result, MESH worked alongside Haspel to update the brand and its positioning through the design and development of event collateral, social media advertising (content and graphics), digital advertising and event marketing. We also worked alongside La Force, a New York-based public relations agency, to develop a PR strategy and create buzz surrounding the new positioning of the brand. 


The Results

4,706% Growth

Haspel saw a 516% increase in likes to its page growing from 218 total likes at the end of January 2014 to 1,342 likes in June 2014. The campaign saw a 4,706% growth in page reach from reaching 3,041 users in January 2014 to 146,144 users in June 2014. Social efforts in tandem with public relations efforts revitalized the Haspel through National Seersucker Day in congress and generated brand buzz as celebrities, such as Jonah Hill, touted the suit. 

Ultimately the brand was picked up in a licensing deal.

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