Brand Manager


As a 2018 addition to the MESH team, Ajalin has consistently expressed her deep rooted passion for branding and strategy. Her attention to detail and organization skills have been previously utilized in her work with a number of non-profit organizations, hospitality and tourism establishments, and her devotion to higher education.

Ajalin received her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations from Louisiana State University. During her extensive training, she has mastered the art of staying calm under extreme pressure and strategically evaluating the needs of clients. Always wanting to put her best foot forward, she takes a personal interest in each client and truly listens to them. Having a natural zest for life and love of people, she always keeps the team motivated with her warm and approachable nature and words of encouragement.

When out of the office, Ajalin's true passions are food, travel and family. She also enjoys playing on MESH's competitive volleyball team to allow her athletic self to shine.