Art Director

Carolyn Blakley

Carolyn is a 17-year veteran of the design industry, including more than a decade working in publishing, which lends to her specialty in editorial design, infographics and typography. Although her college major was in Information Technology, Carolyn’s love for art and design led to spending late nights in the campus design lab, teaching herself Photoshop. With this discipline for learning and an undeniable enthusiasm for the craft, she talked her way into her first graphic design job while still an undergraduate.

After completing her IT degree at Southern Illinois University, she began a professional career in graphic design, working at a variety of publications including newspapers and magazines. Since moving to Louisiana in 2004, she’s gained experience in both ad agencies and publication design, including 9 years at Louisiana Business Inc., where she designed the editorial pages and covers for Baton Rouge Business Report and 225 magazine.

Outside of work Carolyn’s love for all things creative extends to many other arts; she plays piano, enjoys live music and the fine art of cocktail mixology. She is a native to the Chicagoland area and loyal to her Illinois roots, but has developed a deep appreciation for the creative culture of Louisiana.