Social Media Coordinator

Drake Boudreaux

Drake graduated from LSU with a B.A. in Mass Communication, with a concentration in Advertising. Drake runs and manages numerous events, campaigns, daily/monthly posting schedules and social advertising for the agency’s social media clients. As an excellent project manager, Drake is not only skilled in overseeing post and advertisement creation, but he also has an eye for the creative side of advertising that leads to successful campaigns and results for MESH’s clients.

His love of design combined with his knowledge of creative and social media strategy have given rise to a unique passion in the social media atmosphere, strengthening our ability to create dynamic audience engagement and lasting customer loyalty through stellar social media content. At MESH, Drake works extensively with each social media account, overseeing and coordinating all strategy, production and advertising buy. He is also skilled in the Facebook Business and Ad Manager Systems, audience creation, ad creation and evaluation/reporting. He is proficient operating within numerous social media platforms including standard sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as specialty sites such as Pinterest and Houzz, allowing the MESH team to develop effective, dynamic plans for our clients to deliver specific, measured success.