Associate Creative Director & Copywriter

Sophie Goodgion

If you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge a creative by their desk. However, in Sophie Goodgion’s case, her desk pretty much sums it up: a little kooky, a little scattered and always unexpected.

As an Associate Creative Director and Copywriter, Sophie helps guide the creative strategy for some of MESH’s longest-standing clients and has played a crucial role in bringing video and virtual reality to the forefront of the agency’s portfolio. Her natural affinity for storytelling through video has brought a unique perspective to the MESH creative team and her diligent approach to strategy has made her an asset in holistic planning for our brands.

Sophie graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in Digital Advertising and first joined MESH as an intern her senior year. She enjoys rock climbing and learning from others and her favorite weekday includes watching the sunrise just before call time—fanny pack strapped, converses laced and her team ready for action.