Yeti Smith

Yeti Smith is one of the most highly sought after talents at MESH. From sunrise to nightfall, he brings his tremendous dexterity and steady patience to the team. People love the energy he brings to the table–even if he isn’t seen. He’s always on the move and rarely stands still, and even when you think he’s standing still it’s only because you’ve caught him mid-stride.

To call him wild would be to do him a disservice. He enjoys his privacy just like the rest of us. Heck, he even has the corner booth permanently reserved at the local dive bar. Yeti Smith is purposefully elusive and maybe even a little camera shy, but after all, celebrity has its consequences. It doesn’t mean he isn’t friendly. He’s simply misunderstood.

On a typical day at MESH, you’ll need to follow his footprints if you hope to catch a glimpse of him wandering through the woods (probably foraging for sandwiches). He prefers to keep a low-profile but, if you get on his good side, he’ll let you listen to one of his favorite Himalayan folk covers of Foo Fighters songs.