How to Edit a Squarespace Site on Your Mobile Phone

Since MESH has a number of websites built on Squarespace, this guide is to help Designers and Brand Managers alike to make edits to the sites from their mobile phones using the Squarespace App. Since it's a recent release, the app doesn't have full capabilities yet.

You can use the app to:

You can’t currently use the app to:

Step 1: Download the Squarespace App
Step 2: Open the app and log in.

Username: jacob@meshbr.com

Password: leadbelly

Step 3: Select a website from the list.

As an example, let's use Don's Seafood. You can always switch between sites using the Account tab.

Step 4: Explore

After selecting a site, explore the different tabs at the bottom of the screen:

Still have questions?

Please, ask your Principal or direct supervisor.