How to Edit Portfolios on meshbr.com

Step 1: Enter the designer (learn how).

Step 2: Once in the designer, click the CMS tab in the left column.

Step 3: Select the "Portfolio" collection and click the portfolio you want to edit.

Step 4: Make your edits.

4a: The name field should be the only the name of the client.

4b: The order number is the order in the grid you want this particular portfolio to show up in.

4c. The thumbnail image is the image that shows up in the grid of portfolios on the "Portfolio" page. It should be 800px wide, 450px tall, 72 dpi and a file size below 100kb.

4d. Industries allows you to select which industry the portfolio is in so that the portfolio shows up on that particular "Industry" page.

Step 5: Click the blue "Save" button in the top-right corner.

Step 6: Close out of the CMS panel by clicking the "x" in the top right corner.

NOTE: If you would like to publish to a staging link for internal proofing, skip Step 7a and scroll down to Step 7b.

Step 7a: Click "Publish" in the top right corner, then click "Publish to Selected Domains" from the dropdown.

Publishing to the Staging Link

Think of the Staging Link as a practice run. It's where a copy of the site can live for internal proofing. So if you would like to see how a particular edit will look on the site before you make it live to the world, push it live to the Staging Link first.

Step 7b: Click "Publish" in the top right corner, deselect www.meshbr.com from the dropdown. Make sure meshbr.webflow.io is the ONLY one selected. Then click the "Publish to Selected Domains" button. Meshbr.webflow.io is your staging link where you can preview the site.

Step 7c: After the edits have been approved via the Staging Link, to make those edits public, reselect www.meshbr.com from the Publish dropdown and click the "Publish to Selected Domains" button.

Still have questions?

Please, ask your Principal or direct supervisor.