Project Management

Now that you’ve set project milestones and received approval on the brief, it’s time to schedule the project and manage internally (through Basecamp).

Kick-off Meeting

After client approves creative brief and production calendar (making any revisions necessary), save the brief on the server in the client’s folder and share it with the members of your team/any other MESHites working on the projects. You can also post it to the first To-Do thread on basecamp for quick reference.

Meet with your team to discuss the necessary details of the new client and jobs – including scope of work, creative tone/feel, style likes/dislikes, etc.

  1. Schedule a meeting if necessary to concept campaign ideas or themes.
  2. Make sure the team knows where to bill their time.

Set deadlines

  1. Set internal deadlines for projects that involve multiple steps
  2. Be sure to segment jobs by the following and allow time for the logical progression of the job
  3. Concept (1-2 weeks)
  4. Copywriting (3 days – 2 weeks)
  5. Design (3 days – 3 weeks)
  6. Mechanical Production/Resizing (time based on media materials’ deadlines)
  7. For example:
  8. Concept by Wednesday
  9. Copy by next Wednesday
  10. Internal proof by next Monday
  11. Proof 1 to client by next Friday

Design / proof 1

  1. Make sure your team’s Art Director is involved in the design process and gives approval of proof 1.
  2. When ready, send proof 1 to the client (only for creative projects – not plans/strategies/audits). Ensure that the client is aware that this is proof 1 of 2, as specified in proposal.
  3. If the files are big, you may need to send a dropbox link.
  4. If the project is a website, send the link.
  5. Per instructions outlined in billing procedures, you may need to submit an invoice (likely 25% if a 50|25|25 payment schedule)

Feedback on proof 1

  1. After receiving feedback from the client, relay feedback to the designers by posting in the job’s Basecamp To-Do thread and by discussing with them. You may need to give the designer a marked-up copy, depending on how extensive the edits are.

Design and feedback on proof 2

  1. Follow the steps above for proof 2 design and approval. Send proof 2 to the client, ensuring that they are aware this is the second proof. Make any edits they may have after receiving their feedback.

Final Deliverable

  1. Send final files to client for final approval.
  2. Once the project is given final approval, have the designer export print-ready files or package the files, depending on the final deliverable as specified in proposal.
  3. Send to client, or send to the printer if printing is included in the proposal.

Close out Project

  1. Once the final deliverable has been sent to the client, you will close the job in Basecamp by checking off the “to-do”
  2. Follow the procedure listed in the billing process to get Brooke to close the job in Harvest and to bill the final invoice

Still have questions?