Putting Together a Proposal

FIRST, create a deal in Highrise for the proposal

Begin drafting the proposal

Outline each proposal based on proposal template (see attached)

Be as specific as possible in outlining what deliverables and services the client will get for each project scope (i.e. press-ready pdf of a postcard to include concepting, graphic design, copywriting and project management) – see examples of past proposals/SOW’s for reference

When scoping out budgets for each deliverable/line-item, be sure to multiply your total budget for each line item by 1.2 to allow for a 20% buffer

Do not consolidate multiple line-items into one lump sum budget. If you must do this in an effort to appease a client, make a note of how much budget is allocated to each item for internal use (so Brooke knows how to invoice)

Always designate payment terms. You may even have to designate specific payment terms that differ among line items. Examples below:

*NOTE – MEDIA should be collected 60 days in advance (prior to insertion date). Laurie’s

calendar indicates insertion dates, so brand manager should put together payment

schedule that collects each monthly installment 2 months in advance to the insertion (i.e.

we would collect payments for a March insertion/placement in January).


Still have questions?