Universal Brief

This guides the creatives and strategists as they begin concepting and working on strategy. You will need to get this approved by the client. Once approved, hand it off to the creative team working on the project or projects.

  1. You or the project manager can prepare the creative brief in Word based on discovery notes and proposal line items
  2. Tailor each brief to the client’s needs. The main sections of creative briefs include:
  3. Purpose/Assignment
  4. Background: What is the client’s current situation?
  5. Objective: What is the singular problem we are trying to solve?
  6. Audience: Who is the audience we most want to buy what we’re selling?
  7. Perception: How are we perceived by the target audiences; what do we want perception to be?
  8. Insight: What’s the most meaningful insight we know about our audience?
  9. Action: What do we want the audience to do?
  10. Transformative Idea: What is the one bold notion that will provoke our audience to think differently?
  11. Proof: Why should they believe our client’s offering is best suited to meet this need?
  12. Tone: What is the appropriate voice, tone, and personality for this effort?
  13. How will we measure whether it worked?
  14. For Rebrands, include: Brand Position, Brand Personality, Brand Affiliation
  15. Once constructed, send to the client for approval .

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