Web Design Process

Design Process

Fidelity Focused Design Process

This document is to provide an overview of the working design process. It’s aim is to bring focus and alignment when discussing design by defining the purpose, goal and fidelity at each stage.

01. Discovery

Timeline: within 1 week of a signed proposal.

Purpose: Understand user needs, features, user flows etc.

Goal: Prioritise improvements and enhancements in correlation with user and business needs.

Fidelity: A user story.

Process can’t move on without:

02. Creative/Technical Brief

Timeline: within 3 days of Discovery.

Purpose: Establish requirements, user needs and goals of new design proposal.

Goal: Collective clarity on goals, direction and constraints.

Fidelity: Documentation.

Process can’t move on without:

03. Information Architecture (UX)

Timeline: the 2 weeks following approval of the Creative/Technical Brief.

Purpose: To bring a clarity and simplicity to user flow and guidance.

Goal: Applied direction is clear, understandable and benefits the brand/product.

Fidelity: Docs, sketches, wireframes, flow charts.

Process can’t move on without:

04. Design (UI)

Timeline: the 3 weeks following approval of the Information Architecture.

Purpose: To align new flows, features and designs with the brand, tone and voice and brand style-guide.

Goal: Design is on brand and aligned with brand design language.

Fidelity: Designs, hi-fi comps, storyboards, assets.

Process can’t move on without:

05. Build

Timeline: the 3 weeks following approval of the Design.

Purpose: To refine, enhance and improve the user experience via interaction and testing.

Goal: Delights and directs purposefully in correlation with project goals and brand guidelines.

Fidelity: XD, Webflow, Squarespace, InVision, code prototype (whatever is relevant).

Process can’t move on without:

06. Test

Timeline: the week following approval of the Build.

Purpose: Gather feedback, highlight improvements and iterate until happy customers.

Goal: Squash bugs and iterate towards intuition until clients are happy.

Fidelity: Integrating and beta testing with customers.

Process can’t move on without:

07. Launch

Timeline: on the client’s cue.

Purpose: Everything documented and communicated to ensure a stress free transition.

Goal: Update design ecosystem. Review and gather feedback on the process.

Fidelity: Live site & feedback documentation (where applicable).

Process can’t move on without:

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