Yeti Camp is a multi-week immersive experience for high school and college students to learn the in's and out's of agency life. In addition to experiencing the day-to-day responsibilities of our team members and gaining a better understanding of what a career in advertising looks like, participants will also produce agency-quality work for a real world client. So grab your tents and your laptops — it's time for Yeti Camp!

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Applications are currently closed until Spring of 2019.

High School

Yeti Camp offers high school students the opportunity to shadow advertising professionals and learn more about building a career in an advertising agency.

Applications Due:
May 4

Choose a 4-Day Session:
June 11-14; Monday-Thursday; 1:00-5:00
June 18-21; Monday-Thursday; 1:00-5:00
June 25-28; Monday-Thursday; 1:00-5:00


Gain relevant experience working alongside other ad students as you hone your skills under the tutelage of agency professionals.

Applications Due:
May 4

One 4-week Session:
July 2-July 26
Mondays-Thursdays; 10:00-4:00
Pitch camp right here on Wrenwood Blvd.

In the Field

Kindle your creativity and sharpen your skills with a summer alongside agency professionals of every discipline. Learn the dynamics of an agency, how to work with other disciplines and how they all come together to produce great work.

Your guides through the wilderness of real-world advertising.

Summer Under the Stars

From pitching a tent to pitching your next big idea, our MESHites will serve as your Yeti Camp Counselors, here to guide you through the ins and outs of agency life.

It's camp. Of course you'll be getting your hands dirty.

Hands-on Hard Work

Playing dead works on bears, but not on clients. From interfacing with clients to drafting strategies to developing campaigns, you'll build the practical skills you need to prepare for graduation and beyond. You’ll gain valuable and relevant experience working for a real-world client and doing real-good work.

The Buddy System

It's dangerous to venture out all alone. Learn to lean on your agency team and understand the roles of each discipline when it comes to doing great work under the guidance of a MESH mentor.
Brand Manager
Account Planner / Strategist
Graphic Designer
Web Designer
Social Media Coordinator
Media Planner
Grab your gear and let's go!

S'more Perks:


Campers are a part of the MESH team and invited to dive right in and experience our unique culture.

Hands-on Experience

Learn the tools of the trade with access to professional-quality programs and equipment while camp is in session.

Equipped for Success

Stand out from the crowd and end your summer with the kind of work you can't wait to show off.

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